Conrad Wood

Conrad Wood is an independent consultant for Information Technology and Telecommunications.
Most clients are startups and small to medium sized businesses (10-300 employees) in UK and Germany.
Focus is on finding new ways to use technology and invent new ways of doing 'something'. (Which is way I often work with startups, and why I enjoy doing so)

Special Offer:

First consultation is entirely free of charge - no catch.
Contact: +44 (0) 207 099 4804 / +49 (0) 30 51 300 021
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Specialist skills:

Downloads (Open-Source projects)

A (read-only) caching fuse filesystem "lfcache" here

rtmpdump patch to support sock4 "authentication":
If you want to use rtmpdump with socks4 authentication, for example, for get_iplayer to view BBC programmmes, then here is a patch to add authentication to rtmpdump.

redmine cli
Download Redmine CLI
little CLI tool and library to use redmine in scripts and automation processes

Profitbricks API Java CLI & Library
Download PBJCli
java bindings for profitbricks soap api - NOT supported by profitbricks

The java api is a simplified and unified encapsulation of the profitbricks SOAP api. the javadoc can be found here